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  • Happy New Year from WEAMA’s Membership & Outreach Committee chair!

Happy New Year from WEAMA’s Membership & Outreach Committee chair!

February 22, 2017 4:04 PM | Anonymous member

One of our colleagues reminded me the other day the Rooster is also portrayed as a Phoenix. I like the Phoenix’s slightly more dramatic representation of change, renewal, and hope. 

We are staying busy on the WEAMA board and always looking for your help, no matter what you can contribute in time, talent, or treasure.

Member Benefits Reminder--new Meridians issue is available 
First, a reminder of one of your WEAMA member benefits, access to the scientific journal in our field, Meridians. As a WEAMA member access to the electronic version of this journal is free. After going to the weama.info website, log in, then go to the “Members” tab, and scroll down to Meridians Journal. The most recent issue is toward the bottom of the page, http://www.weama.info/memberbenefits/meridiansjournal

The beautiful print edition of Meridians comes in my mailbox this year, and I just read the Winter 2017 issue. I enjoyed the discussions on the use of sham acupuncture as a “placebo”—no longer recommended and “how to prepare a scientific paper poster presentation” as well as an article about how Tai Chi decreases fear of falling in the elderly. To read my review, see the blogpost at https://hospitalhandbook.blogspot.com/

Volunteers Needed
We can’t have a professional organization without volunteers. So, please give of your time, whether it is 5 hours a year or 5 hours a week. If you don’t see something you want to do listed, no worries. I didn’t list every possibility and am always interested in new ideas. Please contact me at m.gale@weama.info

Here are some areas we are currently recruiting volunteers:
Under the Membership and Outreach Committee, we need help to fill the following subcommittees:

  • Regional Outreach—need at least one volunteer leader to represent their region of the state
    • Regional outreach and volunteer coordinator
  • Student and School Outreach
  • Disaster Relief
  • Events Committee
  • Volunteer Coordinator—coordinates and tracks all WEAMA volunteers and helps match needs to people and people to their interests

Check out your “Member Benefits” tab this month and review all those features that have been updated. And, please consider volunteering. Volunteering is always more fun when your friends work with you, so join up and tell me where you want to help.

Washington State Survey of Professional EAMP Practice
The state just rolled out a survey a few months ago to collect workforce data on the practice of EAMPs in our state. This data helps to understand education and training level, where you work, type of practice (such as private practice), and any specialty area of practice you may have (vs. general practice). This is useful baseline data to have for our profession. Please fill out the survey—it takes about 10 minutes or less. The more EAMPs who can respond, the more representative the results will be. Please complete within the next 2 months. Sounds like they are due to publish results later this summer.

Thank you for filling out the survey. Here is the link that describes the reasoning for the survey:

You can take the survey from there or you can go to this link (below) and click on “East Asian Medicine Practitioner”:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Megan Kingsley Gale, MSAOM
WEAMA board member
Membership and Outreach Committee Chair