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L&I Acupuncture Pilot Project 2017.07.13

July 13, 2017 9:06 PM | Anonymous member

East Asian Medicine Practitioners will soon have an opportunity to apply for participation in a pilot project sponsored by the WA State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I).

WEAMA is currently working with L&I to provide feedback and to help create guidelines, documentation toolkits, and orientation training webinars around the pilot project. 

Only EAMPs who are successfully enrolled and accepted in the L&I Acupuncture Pilot project will be compensated for their acupuncture services under the terms of the pilot project. If you are not enrolled in the L&I pilot project, you are not eligible for compensation/reimbursement for workers’ compensation claims for acupuncture.

To stay tuned on the progress, please join the L&I Acupuncture Pilot Project listserv http://lni.wa.gov/Main/Listservs/LNI-Acupuncture.asp. When L&I is ready to begin enrolling acupuncture providers into the pilot project, it will be announced on the L&I listserv (enrollment in the listserv does not constitute enrollment in the pilot). So if you want to learn more, be prepared to apply to be an acupuncture provider in the L&I pilot project, or follow this work, join the listserv and subscribe to the WEAMA bloghttps://weama.info.