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WEAMA Proposed Name Change - Posted 10/24/2018

October 19, 2018 10:55 AM | Shelley Dahle (Administrator)


We are sending you this White Paper to advise you that the WEAMA board has a recommendation for your consideration. WEAMA recommends a change to the name of our association from "Washington East Asian Medicine Association" to "Washington Acupuncture Medicine Association." 

For your review, attached is a White Paper, the petition from the Chinese community and personal statements from WEAMA board members. The White Paper is a summary of issues that have prompted the proposal of a name change and the petition from the Chinese community details their concern with our current name. WEAMA membership discussed the name change at our Fall Membership Meeting on Sunday October 21st and it was decided to hold a separate meeting to discuss this potential name change. WEAMA will send out more information about that meeting as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Please give this your consideration and feel free to contact us at weama@info.com and please come to the meeting to further discuss in person. Thank you for your time and commitment to our profession!

If you would like to have the opportunity to place a vote on this important name change, please become a member of WEAMA today. In accordance with WEAMA bylaws, only paying members of WEAMA can submit votes. Becoming a paying member of WEAMA goes directly to support LAc legislative efforts like the preauthorization bill that just passed requiring preauthorization after the 6th visit. We need all Washington LAc to join forces. We need YOU! Add your voice today and help shape the future of our profession!

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The WEAMA Board Open Letter to Membership
Chinese Community Petition

Board of Directors personal responses

Tyler Martin Response.pdf

Jeremy Gilsoul Response.pdf

Charis Wolf Response.pdf

Catherine Dayhoff Response.pdf

Brenda Lowe Response.pdf


WEAMA Board of Directors

The Washington East Asian Medicine Association first began as the Acupuncture Association of Washington over 33 years ago. The organization helped to provide a unified legislative voice for our profession. In fact, our founders were integral in helping establish the legal practice of East Asian Medicine in Washington state. Our all-volunteer Board of Directors currently consists of 7 democratically elected professionals in the field.