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March 25, 2020 11:58 AM | Anonymous

Greeting colleagues,
These are unprecedented times and we understand that many of you are grappling with the difficult decisions around how to best serve your patients.
To stay open or not
Acupuncturists (as "alternative healthcare providers") are listed in the essential workforce by Governor Inslee. This means that acupuncturists in Washington state are allowed to continue to practice, if the treatment is essential.

If you do see patients it is advised to follow the CDC guidelines for healthcare practitioners.

All types of healthcare providers including dentists, medical doctors, and surgeons have stopped non-essential treatments. The primary goal is to decrease the surge in in hospitals and lower the rate of transmission to lower the burden on the healthcare system.

This is not business as usual; you should only see patients that would otherwise end up in the hospital, do not treat if the service you are providing can wait.

Here are some resources on how to safely practice if you choose to see patients:

Financial impact
A big concern is the financial impact to all of our practices. There is not a clear solution to this at the moment and a lot of efforts are in motion to help. Here are some resources:

We are healthcare practitioners and we want to be of service
As acupuncturists we feel the need to assist our communities, especially in these times when so many can benefit from the medicine we offer.

We will shine with the recovery phase, patients will need our care more than ever.

We are all in this together!
Please continue to share your thoughts on the WAEMA Facebook group and check out our COVID-19 resource page for information for links to credible sources and information you can share.
Thank you,