WEAMA is inviting L&I Acupuncture Pilot providers to a Glip forum 10/29/2017

October 29, 2017 12:46 PM | Anonymous member

Dear L&I Acupuncture Pilot provider,
WEAMA is inviting Acupuncture Pilot providers to a forum where you can help each other navigate the pilot.  This will also be the place for providers to receive documentation toolkit training from Megan Kingsley Gale.  Each pilot provider will be receiving an invitation from Glip.  Please follow the link to sign up for Glip from that email.

Please note:  This group is for L&I Acupuncture Pilot providers to help each other navigate the pilot.  It will not be monitored by WEAMA or L&I.

In order to be respectful of everyone on the team, please limit the hours for posts to 9 AM – 6 PM.  That way people who are using mobile devices (see below), won't be bothered by posts after hours.

Here are some tutorials to familiarize yourself with Glip.  
Glip introduction 1
Glip introduction 2
Collaborative notes
Group file sharing
Change email & desktop notification preferences 

Chat/Video chat
You can use Glip to chat or video chat with anyone in the team.  You can click on a name in the sidebar and chat or video chat with them.   Whenever you initiate or join a video chat, there will be a download from ring central, the company that owns Glip.  Allow the installation of that application.  When you first connect, you will have to choose your audio setting.  Choose computer audio.  

Desktop & mobile apps
We highly recommend that you use both of these.  The people who don't, miss out on the whole thing.  There are Mac and Windows versions.  Android and iOS versions.  You just log in one time and keep the apps running in the background.  The Desktop app has more features.  The phone app is useful to keep up with communications.  

To download the apps, once you log in at Glip.com, look at the top left, click on > WEAMA 
That opens up a dialog box.  In there, select > Glip Apps
Download the apps there.