What is the WEAMA PAC?

PACs, or Political Action Committees, are organizations that raise money from donations and contribute it to the political campaigns of elected officials. The WEAMA PAC contributes to those who support the purposes, principles, and mission of East Asian Medicine. WEAMA set up its PAC in 2014.

That year, the PAC raised just under $5000 in donations. The PAC contributed to legislators who serve on the state Senate and House Health Care Committees.  Our contributions went to members of both political parties.  At $100-$200 per contribution, it’s safe to say we are not major donors, but the members do appreciate and remember our support.

What is the difference between WEAMA and the WEAMA PAC?

Because WEAMA is a tax-exempt entity, WEAMA itself may not and does not influence elections or contribute to campaigns.  The PAC must thus be separate from WEAMA itself. The source of funds is different, the expenditures are different, even the banks are different.  This means that WEAMA cannot simply withdraw funds from its account to support the PAC.  Donations to the PAC from WEAMA members and non-members must be PAC-specific.

What does the WEAMA PAC do?

Our PAC exists to educate elected officials and candidates about our profession.  We promote the profession by contributing to those who support East Asian Medicine.

Why should I contribute?

You should contribute because you have a stake in the outcome of the goals the WEAMA PAC seeks to accomplish.  These are important issues to our profession.  Legislators and other elected officials determine changes to our scope of practice, dry needling by other professions, and insurance issues.  In 2016 the legislature will consider our request to clarify point injection therapy.  They are looking at what to do about third-party firms that come between health insurers and us. We are also working to have Workers Comp/L & I cover acupuncture for injured workers.

In the past, we won expansions to our scope of practice.  We accomplished the repeal of the burdensome requirement to get signatures on our license applications.

Who can donate to the WEAMA PAC?

Any individual can contribute to the WEAMA PAC.  No corporate donations are acceptable.  No WEAMA membership dues go to the PAC.